We are here for the music. We help music creators get paid for their work and provide music customers easy ways to play and copy what they like legally. Royalties keep the music coming and keeps the industry alive. Moreover, that's what we all want to hear, real music by real artistes. On behalf of our members, MRM collects royalties for a range of uses of recorded music when songs are played in public or broadcasted on TV, radio and for specific digital media services. We represent them on behalf of and in place of the following music licensing bodies:

Music Authors' Copyright Protection Berhad (MACP)

Rights Holders: Composers, Lyricist and Publishers
Works Represented: Musical Works
Website: www.macp.com.my

Public Performance Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PPM)

Rights Holders: Recording Companies
Works Represented: Sound, Music Video and Karaoke Recordings
Website: www.ppm.org.my

Recording Performers Malaysia Berhad (RPM)

Rights Holders: Recording Artistes and Musicians
Works Represented: Performances embodied in Sound Recordings
Website: www.rpm.my

Once money has been collected from licensees, MRM then distributes the money back to the relevant licensing bodies.